Art Driven Puzzle Boxes
  • French Horn Wooden Secret Puzzle Box

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    Measures 4" x 3" x 2"

    Beautifully hand crafted in fine detail

    Hidden Key Easy to open

    Stays closed when assembled

    Felt Pads on the bottom prevents scratching on all surfaces

    Felt Flocked Red

    Holds small objects rings necklaces


    - “Felt Pads” on the bottom to prevent scratching on all surfaces.

    -  Rare earth magnets, this insures smooth opening and locking (larger pieces only)

    -  100% money back guarantee returned in 10 days

    - A clever hidden key is part of the design and needs to be removed to unlock these pieces


    Our Puzzle Boxes are true “Intarsia” construction", a handmade woodworking technique that uses varied shapes, sizes, and species of wood fitted together to create a mosaic-like picture with an illusion of depth. Intarsia is created through the selection of different types of wood, using their natural grain patterns and color.

    Thanks so much for taking a look and I would be happy to answer any question you may have