Art Driven Puzzle Boxes
  • Red Dragon Tribal Art Wooden Secret Puzzle Box


    Red Dragon Intarsia Puzzle Box Measures 5.8 x 3.9 x 1.9

    Crafted from Beachwood, so beautiful in its natural state there is no need for stains or heavy dyes – the perfect wood for puzzle boxes because it is resistant to warping, cracking and remarkably sustainable due to its fast grow rate. We are able to achieve a very high level of detail using Beachwood and by combining old school craftsmanship methods with modern woodworking techniques.

    All my puzzle boxes are finished outside with a clear oil base and the Interior is coated (flocked) red. A clever hidden key is part of the design and is simple to remove to unlock these pieces.

    Each piece also includes;

     - “Felt Pads” on the bottom to prevent scratching on all surfaces.

    -  Rare earth magnets, this insures smooth opening and locking (larger pieces only)

    -  Free Custom Gift Box & Bow

    -   Everything is in stock and shipped in 1 business day