Art Driven Puzzle Boxes
  • Hummingbird Intarsia Wooden Secret Puzzle Box


    Hummingbird Intarsia Puzzle Box Puzzle Box

    Measures 5.2 x 4.3 x 1.5

    All our boxes are made from Beachwood, a beautiful grain neutral rosewood resistant to warping and cracking and extremely sustainable due to its fast grow rate.

    We are able to achieve a very high level of craftsmanship by combining old school woodworking methods with modern fabrication techniques. The results are arguably the finest Intarsia puzzle boxes ever made.

    Everything sold online is fully stocked and shipped in one business day via USPS Priority Mail.  

    S&H includes custom size boxes, bubble wrap, popcorn cushioning, labels, and care instructions.

    Each piece also includes;

    - “Felt Pads” on the bottom to prevent scratching on all surfaces.

    -  Rare earth magnets, this insures smooth opening and locking (larger pieces only)

    -  100% money back guarantee returned in 10 days